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23 01 2010 check these out


Percy Jackson Video Game

7 01 2010

yes video game. here it is for the DS. I only know of a DS copy so far but it will probrably go bigger. 2/10/10 is the release date, two days before the movie. I’m exited because I just got a DSi for christmas

Lost Boys Of Sudan

4 01 2010

Compleatly un-pjo related but a bunch of friends of mine saw a very insirational film on the lost boys of sudan and created a blog to help this cause. I promised I would help with their publicity so here it is.
PLEASE VISIT!!! please

Teen Vouge article

3 01 2010

My sister called me into our kitchen one day while she was reading Teen Vouge. apparently, knowing my obbsetion with PJO, she found an article on the PJO lightning theif movie. I can’t really go into much more detail than that untilll feb., because my sister has the feb 2010 issue. I don’t know how she got it, but just to be safe, I will not post the article here untill febuary 2010 (partially I don’t want to be arrested and partially because I dont feel like copying the entire article here, so I will wait untill it is in the teen vouge website).

Countdown to PJO movie

27 12 2009

Countdown To

Percy Jackson movie posters

27 12 2009

This is all of the posters that I have come across while searching the web.

Happy holidays!

18 12 2009

sorry I havent posted in a while but, there really isn’t anything to post about. no more trailers, they stopped casting, nothing really going on except…

to all!